Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Hari ini, saya dan teman saya, Kate Shively pergi ke kolam air di SRSC. Ini adalah pertama kali semenjak saya pergi berenang, terutama sekali di negara Amerika Syarikat.

That was fun. I absolutely enjoyed being able to write in my native language, even if it was just two sentences, and something that I have not done in a while. I had asked my husband about inspirations on what to write for the blog and he said "Write something in Malay".

I laughed of course, thinking him silly, but then I thought about it. "Actually, I'll do it! Since I'm playing around with words and it's a completely valid way of writing! I'll write my first few sentences in Malay and then translate it! Or maybe create a game and ask my audience if they can figure out what I mean!"

So there you have it. I'm still pondering if I will provide a translation of the statements above, but for now, I'll have fun with it. If anyone's really curious and know Kate Shively, you could always ask her what we did tonight!


  1. Interesting, but it looks like you and Kate did something, like maybe excercise (?) at the SRSC together and you had fun doing it. So does Mayla use our same alphabet?

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  3. I deleted the earlier comment since it didn't let me edit it!

    "Yes, Malay does use the Roman alphabet. The original language used Arabic script however. I know the old texts were all in Jawi (as we called Arabic Malay)."