Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Meeting Iqra

"Hey Lina."
Viggo inspecting the equipment


"So when am I meeting the kittens?"

"You gotta materialize for that to happen, and I am NOT calculating the wave function so you can be here."

"Blaaaaaah. Well what if I did the calculations ... would you do it then?" Iqra' looked at me imploringly as I pondered.

"Fine," I groused and laid out my equipment as Iqra' performed her mathematical derivations.

When Iqra' was finally done with her calculations, I proceeded to follow her scribbles.

"The kittens seem excited at the prospect of meeting me."

I grunted nonchalantly.

"You know, you need to be a little bit more careful with the materials. And remove that dastardly shiny thing. You are creating perfection."

I ignored her.

"Ugh, that color combination is terrible, Lina. How about ..."

I sighed in exasperation.

"Oookay. Somebody's grouchy... I guess I'll just wait Q-U-I-E-T-L-Y," whispers Iqra'.

The silence lasted all of two seconds and she began to speak

"I'm done," I interrupted her.

"Ooooh!! HI KITTIES!!!"


  1. What fun! I really enjoyed this and it looks like this truly was playful for you -- and your beautiful kitties too.

  2. Yes indeed it was fun! I honestly did not do anything exciting during Spring break since I was churning out my apprenticeship paper. So this short little interlude was indeed fun and I must say, spontaneous. The kits definitely enjoyed it and got to play with ribbons and everything fun!